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The motto of GATE is “Excellence in Management & Technology Education, Training, Consultancy and Research for Success”. And We are introducing new courses Engineering and management field like Aeronautical Engineering, Polytechnic, (Junior Engineering or diploma Engineering), Hotel Management & Hospitality Management, in lowest fee structure and installment basis, which help to middle and lower class family for admission in Higher Education with Management and Technology.

India is going through an Industrial Revolution. Lot of companies are coming from abroad and even the Indian Companies are going abroad. So, we all are witnessing globalization and in this environment, the MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY are the most sought after human resources in the country.

Not withstanding the upheavals in the global markets, India is still poised to keep her growing phase as can be seen in the economic growth rate compared to other countries in the World.

That does not mean, any and every MASTERS IN MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY will find his dream companies and dream jobs. Right person